a3hourtour (a3hourtour) wrote in spiritualists,

Welcome To The Spiritualist Community!

Feel free to share your experiences of psychic development, meditation, mediumship and healings!

I am Susan, an associate minister about to be ordained at Lily Dale, NY in the Church of the Living Spirit; in association with Fellowship of the Spirit. I have just completed 2 years training through Fellowship at the Dale.

For those who don't know, Lily Dale is a Spiritualist Community in western NY, by Lake Chattaqua. I practice Mediumship and Spiritual Healings in and around Lakewood, OH. I also teach history at a local high school. This summer, I hope to find a program at a hospital that will allow me to do more healings on a regular basis.

Are you currently practicing Mediumship or Spiritual Healing or something similar? How do you work this into your daily life?
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