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Ok. So after a day of meditation and hoping for something paranormal to happen I give up and come back inside to chat on aim. My friend (whom I havent spoken with outside of school) instant messages me and asks me if I know much about paranormal stuff. I say Yes, (I know I'm no scholar V_V) and he asks me if I would like to accompany him and a few people through a "hunt" so to speak throughout the woods behind his house.


However, he said that his brother, at the age of like 5 or so would say that there were demons in his house, and that it got so bad that his parents almost took him to get tests ect. That kind of freaked me out. I dont know enough to protect myself.. I dont think..

So I started asking my friend more questions about what happened. He said:

Kevin: we have put crosses at random places
Kevin: none of them lasted one day
Kevin: they have been smashed to pieces basically obilterated
Kevin: one of them we put at our old fort
Kevin: and one of our axes we found was in one of the crosses

This scared me. Obviously its malicious.. right?

Then I decided to talk to one of my online friends, whom is Christian. She gave alot of good advice. She also told me not to go, but only by her intuition and biblical scriptures. I'm not a Christian, so passages dont affect me much. They did get me to reconsider though.

And then, I decided to put my playlist on (consisting of 738 songs) and then pressed shuffle. I said "let whatever song show up foretell what type of day I will have tomorrow if I decide to go to the haunted area" (this is something I've always done, like randomly surfing through the radio ect) and the following songs came up:

"He whistles and he runs so hold him fast
Pray the lord he wants to let it last
He might succumb to what you haven't seen
He has a keen eye for what you didn't see

when the cadaverous mobs
Save the doors for the dead man
You will not leave

I want you to be there
When he gets to the end
Have to find a way"

That was the first song. Kind of freaked me out.

Then the next song came up:

" the soiled ground for the sacrifice,
dispelled, crippling, faulty, holyland.
i am your martyr, your stigmata...
the tears turn to blood, beneath my eyes.
my body listens... as you whisper.
my fingers bend... as i'm nailed to your cross
the splinters etch... hearts in my back.
i denounce this crucifixion, i deman another sacrifice.
a cast shadow over this narrow hill,
pulling my fingers from these nails...
there will be no use for a second coming."

This freaked me out even more.

Then the next song came on, which is entitled "Fuck Religion".

So, should I go? Any advice for me? I have no idea what to do. My gut is telling me that something major will happen and change me. However, I dont know if it will be a good change or a bad change.

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