The Former Draco Malfoy (alabastardragon) wrote in spiritualists,
The Former Draco Malfoy

Spiritualist Creed 1

I believe in God, Infinite Intelligence, Creative Mind, without beginning, without end, in whom I move and have my being.

I know that I am eternal, always having existed in some form of manifestation with God: therefore, I am ageless.

I am living in the ever-present Eternal Now and realise that birth and death are only incidents in the everlastingness of eternity.

The Law of Infinite Intelligence is change, with constant progression; consequently, so-called death is but a change to another expression in the Eternal Now.

I know that there can be no separateness in the Kingdom of Creative Mind, and hat hence, across the border line between the two spheres of manifestation in eternal life, beings incarnate and decarnate can and do exchange intelligent thought.

I know that all is life, abundant life; there is no death.
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