Sister Grimm of the Faeries (grimmbear) wrote in spiritualists,
Sister Grimm of the Faeries

On seeking the light:

This is a bit heavy for a first post but I wanted to say 'hello'

I want you all to know upfront that I have no idea where this typing is going. I find as I get older that I think better/clearer when I put it down in words.

I’m at a strange place right now. I, like many spiritualists, am approaching a huge leap in my soul’s journey. Connections are flying fast and furious and I’m taking these connections as the gifts they are, however they compete with one another for my attention. One of my greatest downfalls is a sort of Spiritual Attention Deficit Disorder (Now to be called SADD); I get so excited over new experiences and concepts that I forget the things I’m already working on. I have to remain focused on the things that are most important to me and retain my center; it’s very hard for this bear.
2 things are important to me at the moment:
1) Gaining a community: Right now I’m seeking two of those. One with ties to all people and I (hope I) have found this in the Delaware Valley Pagan Network
I met a few of them at a Samhain party and was very impressed at the energy and love in the room.
The other group is the Minoan Brotherhood
They are a spiritual/mystical tradition for Gay/Bi men. I’m hoping to get involved with them for learning to express and deepen my understanding of Sacred Sexuality.
2) Keep reaching for the Light and understanding the presence of recurring themes in my life. The connection of Egyptian energies and the style of Reiki I was taught, the constant draw toward ceremonial magic and the need to seek the meaning of certain beings in my life. I believe that like the Angel Raziel showed Adam, there is a path to oneness and I am on this path.
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I just wanted to write to you because i felt a kinship with you. I love what you wrote and feel similar things in common -- SADD, looking for community, paganism, Sacred Sexuality, reiki, Egyptian Connection, angels....My personal email is Or you can just write to me on here. Blessings to you!
Hi Hon,
Pleased to meet you. Where in Philly are you located? I'm in Overbrook hills.